Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It's been five years since I made the Texas Rose Documentary, and I'm pleased to announce that this year, another filmmaker is making a new documentary about the Texas Rose Festival.

During the process of making my film, I was a full-time college student with minimal funding and oversight, and I had a constant nagging feeling that someone else should be making this film - someone with more attention and funding and maturity, someone who is prepared to make a feature-length film, not a short.

Ashley Bush has become that someone, and she's already taken several trips to Tyler to shoot footage. Even though this year's festival hasn't even officially started, she's already accomplished way more than what I was able to do with my film. Needless to say, I'm excited about her project.

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Joorie Doodie said...

I'm curious as to why the Rose Festival people were "disturbed" by your documentary. I'm guessing they would be put off by anything that portrayed the RF as being anything less wonderful and significant than the second coming of Christ.

Take a look at one of my little rants about the Rose Festival here:

It includes internal links to other discussions about the Rose Festival and how it is an overrated little private party glorifying Tyler's aristocracy.

Just curious about your impression of the whole thing.