Sunday, December 23, 2007


I've started to ask people if they're interested in doing interviews for the film, whenever I run into them (I still haven't proactively contacted anyone, but probably soon).

So far, the list is up to 3:
  • Michael, my brother. Michael is escorting the Rose Queen during next year's festival.
  • Grace, my next-door-neighbor. Grace was the Queen last year. Her family was directly involved in establishing the Rose Festival, 75 years ago.
  • Duel, my good friend. Duel helps sponsor a Rose Festival event every year. His mother was Rose Queen in 1954, and he hopes that his daughter (now 13 years old) will have a chance of being Queen some day.
This is a really good start. I'm excited to watch things develop.

In 2 weeks, next year's Rose Court will be announced. I'm hoping to attend the Gala to meet people and spread the word about the film. It would be ideal to have cameras to cover the event, but it will probably be more appropriate to focus our efforts on a 2-month production this summer/fall.