Saturday, February 2, 2008

A little about the Texas Rose Festival

To someone who has never heard of it, I typically describe The Rose Festival as "much like a debutante ball," but this description is shallow compared to the story that can be told.

As an introduction, here is the official Rose Festival website, and here is a collection of articles and photos printed in the Tyler Morning Telegraph. Here is the wikipedia article, which is brief and descriptive.

Each of those resources is pretty good, but all three might be a little overwhelming. If you're just hearing about this for the very first time, I'd recommend looking at some of the pictures. They speak in volumes.

The film is progressing well: I contacted the Executive Committee, and it looks like they will be an instrumental part of the filmmaking process, which makes me very excited. Their participation helps to insure that the film will connect with an audience of people outside and inside the festival, which is one of my biggest goals.