Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Although this post is long overdue, it contains lots of great news:

a) We've taken on a new team member (Alexis!) who has been ferociously attacking the footage, breaking it apart into smaller, more digestible chunks. We currently have about 4 roughly cut sequences (about 5 minutes each), and two very rough sequences over 30 minutes long. Alexis has cut the majority of this material; she has really been a godsend to the project!

b) Here's one of those beforementioned rough sequences:
...we're not sure whether or not it'll be in the film, and if it is, it will be more polished. The image resolution will also be much better.

c) I'm heading to Texas in a week, at which point I'll get feedback from some of the people depicted in the film. After that, we'll do a couple public screenings at Stanford, of the unfinished film. Feedback from these screenings will help shape the film's direction (and also give incentives to keep working on it).