Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trailer showing this Thursday night at Stanford

This week I'll be screening a ~2min trailer of the film at An Art Affair at Stanford. After the screening (probably this weekend) I'll post the trailer here to the blog.

Alexis is working hard on the rough cut which should be "finished" on Tuesday night. This is super exciting, and I'm anxious to get feedback from a few people on how to develop the film from a ~45minute rough cut into a ~15 minute final cut.

Jon and I started working on an audio documentary about shooting the TRF film. We're working from 3 hours of audio material we recorded during production, as well as some of the audio from Alexis' rough cut. If all goes according to plan, it will air on Thursday, April 30 via FM and podcast.

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Benjamin Mcgee Haley said...

Its cool to hear about your progress, Will. I'm excited to hear the audio documentary and see film.