Saturday, November 29, 2008

school, and the beginning of post-production (editing)

Well, our week-long whirlwind of production (filming) transitioned quickly into a month-long whirlwind of school-related catchup - who knew that missing a full week of classes would be so difficult?
Nonetheless, editors Jon (pictured) and Charlie have stepped up to the plate, and have made great progress already. Charlie finished capturing the footage (transferring it from tapes to a hard-drive) a couple weeks ago, and Jon is about halfway finished cataloging all 19 hours, shot-for-shot.

After this, we'll probably write word-for-word transcripts of the most useful material (probably about six hours of footage). This tedious work will allow us to handle the content physically, separating it into piles and organizing it into sequences for a "paper edit." Right now we're still on track for a Spring Break completion.

So we've gotten a great start editing, but we've got a long way to go... stay tuned and hopefully we'll post some clips and maybe even a trailer.

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